Why Does Relapsing Happen So Often?

Why Does Relapsing Happen So Often?

There are many recovering addicts who continue relapsing and can’t seem to stay sober for long. Why does a relapse happen so often with some people? Even some of those who have gone to multiple drug rehab treatment centers have continued to relapse. Learning more about why this happens can help those who have so many troubles to finally figure out the right solutions. It can help loved ones to better understand what is going on with their family member or friend as well.

Addictions are Diseases

A drug and alcohol addiction are diseases. That means they aren’t simple to overcome. It takes willpower, strength, help from outside sources and even more for someone to overcome the addiction. It is a chemical disorder of the brain and sometimes it takes a lot of treatment, even multiple stays in drug rehab treatment centers, to help someone finally kick the addictive lifestyle. If you are the person who keeps relapsing, know that you must keep trying. If you are the loved one, know the addict probably isn’t using on purpose.

Failure to Control Reactions

Even if someone goes to drug rehab treatment centers, if they don’t control their reactions to certain life situations, they could easily relapse. This is what happens in many instances. Are you the person with an addiction and relapsing keeps happening? If so, you may need to learn new techniques for handling these situations. You might need better trigger management techniques. If you are the loved one trying to better understand, be there for the recovering addict as they figure it out.

Brain is Still Damaged

Just because someone gets clean and sober, that doesn’t mean their brain is fully functioning again. The brain cells that have died off due to using alcohol or drugs don’t always come back. Sometimes the damage to the brain is irreversible. When this happens, it may take a lot more than just will power to help someone control their impulses to drink or use drugs. They may need to stay in drug rehab treatment centers time and time again, before the recovery techniques finally stick.

These are some of the reasons why someone might keep relapsing. If you continue to relapse, keep getting help until you can stay clean and sober. If your loved one continues to relapse, keep being there through them as they try to get more treatment.