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What are the Side Effects of a Zohydro Addiction?

What are the Side Effects of a Zohydro Addiction?

Many addictions are talked about in this day and age. However, there is one type of addiction that isn’t spoken about enough. A zohydro addiction is one that many people fall into. Some of those who have gone or are in the drug addiction treatment centers have this kind of addiction. If you suffer from this addiction, please call into a rehab treatment center and start overcoming the addiction immediately. There are ways to manage pain around-the-clock without using this drug. This is an extended release drug which is very easily abused. Learning about the side effects may help someone to get the addiction treatment they need.

Direct Effects from This Addiction

There are various effects that could ensue from a zohydro addiction. Talking about the direct effects from this type of addiction is necessary. These could include reduction in bodily tension, relief of pain, euphoric feelings and feeling overly relaxed. These are the effects that often lead to the addiction in the first place. If you are having these effects from the addiction or use of this drug, calling drug addiction treatment centers right away is the best option.

General Effects from a Zohydro Addiction

Having a zohydro addiction could lead to some general effects as well. These could include dry mouth and constipation. They could also include drowsiness, swelling of the feet and hands, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and itching. Dealing with these general effects can be frustrating but may not push you into getting treatment from drug addiction treatment centers. However, if you get treatment now, you won’t need to wait until the more severe effects occur.

Severe Effects from This Addiction

There are also many severe effects that could happen from a zohydro addiction. These severe effects might include addiction, shallow or weak breathing, feeling light-headed, having pains or burning while urinating, issues with impotence, missing periods, migraines, infertility, stomach issues and much more. These are just some of the more severe side effects that could happen with this type of addiction.

If you have been experiencing any of these side effects, it is time to get treatment from the drug addiction treatment centers for your zohydro addiction. The longer you wait for treatment, the longer it might take for you to detox and overcome the addiction. Start the process today in overcoming your addiction and overcome the use of this drug once and for all.