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What Signs are There with a Heroin Addict?

What Signs are There with a Heroin Addict?

Heroin addictions affect millions of people: successful employees, the homeless, parents, teenagers, seniors and more. This type of addiction is not known to just one type of person. Anyone who uses this drug could become a heroin addict. If you already have an addiction to heroin, please get treatment from drug rehab treatment centers today. If you know or think someone else has an addiction, learning more about it can be helpful on your end.

After Starting to Use This Drug

When someone starts using heroin, it creates a euphoric and relaxed feeling. It changes the chemicals in the pleasure area of the brain, making someone believe the drug can help them feel better. Yet, they will then start withdrawing after not using for a bit and then use more and more. When someone is on heroin, they don’t feel pain which is why so many chronic pain patients become addicted.

Signs of Heroin Abuse an Addiction

While these signs are not only specific to a heroin addict, they can be recognized in this type of addiction. Some who is using heroin may be short of breath, have small pupils, get dry mouth, have a major change in their behaviors, become disoriented, be hyper-alert but then nod off very quickly look like they can’t move very well. Again, these could be signs of another type of addiction or other issue as well. If you notice these in someone, they may need help from drug rehab treatment centers, especially if they are a heroin addict.

Signs of Behavior Changes with a Heroin Addict

There are some signs of behavior changes that might be noticed in a heroin addict as well. They may start lying or being deceitful. You may notice they avoid eye contact, sleep more than normal, slur their speech, lose their job, lose motivation towards things they once enjoyed and withdraw from their loved ones.

Severe Signs of Heroin Addiction

You also may notice some more severe signs of a heroin addiction. These are quite noticeable and are specific to a heroin addict. You may notice needles lying around, burned spoons, aluminum foil, shoelaces missing off their shoes, burn marks on straws, little plastic bags with powder on them and pipes. If you notice these things, the heroin addict probably needs help from drug rehab treatment centers.

These are some of the main signs you may notice with a heroin addict. Those with this type of addiction can get into treatment today!