teenage drug use

Signs of Teenage Drug Use

Signs of Teenage Drug Use

It is usually obvious when a teenager is using drugs, however, that is not always the case. Sometimes parents don’t want to open their eyes to what is really going on with their child. They may not want to admit their teenager is doing drugs. If there are signs of teenage drug use, as you read about here, it is time to get your child rehab drug treatment. The sooner you do, the better chances they have of overcome the drug addiction.

Violence and Disrespect

Two of the signs of teenage drug use that you might notice are violence and disrespect. Teenagers are already emotional human beings. Their brain is still developing and they are usually quite impulsive. When adding drugs into the mix, they may be more prone to outbursts of violence. They may also talk disrespectfully to adults or others when under the influence of drugs. If you notice this, your teenager may need to get into rehab drug treatment.

Lower Grades in School

Another one of the signs of teenage drug use is lower grades in school. Your teenager may have been a straight A student or even had decent grades. However, when they start using drugs, they don’t put as much focus on their schoolwork and that could cause their grades to drop. They need to get into rehab drug treatment to overcome addiction so they can get their priorities back in order.

Weight Gain or Loss

Your teenager may have recently gained or lost a lot of weight. Different drugs cause weight loss and others may cause weight gain. Sometimes this may happen over months and other times it happens over weeks. If you suspect that something odd is going on when your teenager has gained or lost a lot of weight, take them to the doctor. They can do a blood test to see whether you child is doing drugs. If so, they do need rehab drug treatment.

New Group of Friends

Have you recently noticed that your teenager doesn’t hang out with the same group of friends? Did this happen kind of suddenly? If so, they may be now hanging out with others who are using drugs as well. If this is something you have noticed, it is one of the signs of teenage drug use. Your teenager may need help from rehab drug treatment.

These are just some of the signs of teenage drug use. If you have seen any of them in your teenager, call the rehab center today.