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Stages Leading Up to an Addictive Lifestyle

Stages Leading Up to an Addictive Lifestyle

Most of those who have gone through addiction treatment centers near me have been in all these stages of an addictive lifestyle. You can get into a rehab center even if you haven’t been in all these stages yet. It is actually better if you can recognize there is a problem before things get worse. Learn more about these stages to figure out where you are at with the addiction and get help as soon as possible.

Binging and Becoming Intoxicated

The first stage is when binging and intoxication occur. This is when they individual starts having intoxication or euphoric effects. It is quite common for someone to do this for a long time. There are some people who are only experimenting with drugs and alcohol and they never get into another stage. Some may never drink or use drugs again after getting out of the stage. However, about 1/6 of those who get into this stage will move onto the next stage.


There are some people who will begin withdrawing from the drugs or alcohol. When they do this, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. Some of these include insomnia, nausea, irritability, confusion, chills and seizures. Anyone who experiences these symptoms when they stop using, may start using again so they don’t have these any longer. This leads to a higher risk of developing an addiction. If you are in this stage, you don’t have to let it progress further. Addiction treatment centers near me are able to help you in preventing an addictive lifestyle.

Becoming Preoccupied with Drugs or Alcohol

There are many people who get to the stage of becoming preoccupied with drugs or alcohol. They have become dependent on using these substances. When they even think about going without they become uncomfortable and distressed. During this stage, the prefrontal cortex is affected. This means they are no longer able to have as much control over decisions and actions. Stop your addictive lifestyle now! Don’t let further negative effects happen. Get help from addiction treatment centers near me.

These are the stages of an addictive lifestyle. If things go further, you increase your risk of have a fatal accident from using drugs or alcohol. You also increase the risk of further damages happening to your health, relationships and more. Now that you are more aware of what happens during these stages, you know you can get help at any time!