Tips to Make Peace with Your Past

Tips to Make Peace with Your Past

As you overcome addiction, there will come a time when you need to make peace with your past. During rehab drug treatment, you may be more focused on overcoming triggers, learning about making schedules in recovery and creating a recovery plan. All those things are going to help you have a better recovering lifestyle but if you don’t make peace with your past, you have a high chance of relapsing.

Meditating Daily

Daily meditation is one way to make peace with your past. Even if you are only meditating for five minutes every day, it gives you time to breathe. It gives you time to be in the present so you can let go of your past. Your recovery is about you now and not the things you did in your past. Yes, working through those things is necessary but they shouldn’t be your main focus. Meditating daily helps you to focus on the here and now. You may do some meditation during rehab drug treatment so feel free to take those techniques home with you.


Praying may not be for everyone but if you are spiritual in any way, praying daily can help you make peace with your past. If you aren’t good with praying, take some time to quietly talk to yourself. Say out loud or in your mind all about the good in each day. This is going to help lighten your feelings and leave the past behind. During rehab drug treatment, there may be some time when prayers are done and you can quietly meditate during this time as well.


Another way to make peace with your past is through reading. There are many things you can read that will help with this. There are motivational and inspirational books. You can find motivational articles on the internet. Even reading novels can help you to leave your past behind as you indulge yourself in a good book.

Get Outside

Getting outside is just one of the many ways to make peace with your past. Being outside does something to people. It allows them to see beauty in nature and their surroundings. If you want to leave things behind, negative emotions and addictive behaviors, getting outside is a great way to do that.

These are some of the ultimate ways to make peace with your past. After getting home from rehab drug treatment, you can do these things and live in the present of your recovery.