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Top 3 Ways to Tell That You Have an Alcohol Addiction

Top 3 Ways to Tell That You Have an Alcohol Addiction

So, you have been consuming alcohol for some time and now you can’t seem to quit drinking. Maybe you have quit drinking for some time but the thought of drinking and partying is on your mind a lot. There are many signs that you may have an alcohol addiction including the ones talked about here today. The one main rule is if you suspect that you have an alcohol addiction, then get rehab drug treatment as soon as possible. People who aren’t addicted to alcohol don’t generally think they may have a problem.

Can’t Stop Drinking

The first way to tell that you have an alcohol addiction is that you can’t stop drinking. Maybe you have tried and you just can’t say no. You may have gone days, weeks or months but you always go back to drinking again. In addition, you may not be able to control how much alcohol you are consuming either. Have you ever told yourself you would only have one or two drinks and you ended up drunk yet again? If you are a problem drinker or someone who is addicted to alcohol, it can be difficult to stop drinking. If this is the situation in your life, get rehab drug treatment started today.

Drinking More and More Over Time

Think back to when you started drinking alcohol. Maybe you had a couple of drinks and you were feeling pretty buzzed or maybe even drunk. As more time went on, you had to drink more and more to get that same feeling. Those who have been drinking for a long time may not even feel drunk any more no matter how much they drink. Their blood alcohol content may be very high and they may pass out or fall asleep but they don’t feel drunk. If you need to drink more and more over time to get that effect you used to, it is time to get rehab drug treatment.

Cravings and Going Through Withdrawals

Another way to tell if you have an alcohol addiction is that you have cravings and you even get withdrawal symptoms if you don’t drink for a bit. These cravings may happen randomly or every day. You may not be able to get your mind off drinking or partying again. The withdrawal symptoms may happen if you haven’t had a drink for hours, days or even weeks. You may get sick to your stomach, nauseous, headaches, dizzy or start getting the shakes. If these things are happening to you, call the rehab drug treatment program today.

As mentioned, if you can relate to these signs, you may have an alcohol addiction. The rehab drug treatment program is ready to help you overcome the addiction starting right away.