Top Signs That You Might Have a Relapse

Top Signs That You Might Have a Relapse

After graduating from the drug rehab centers near me you should feel extremely proud of yourself. The truth is that while going to rehab is very helpful for your recovery success, it does not always guarantee a success. Even after you get out of rehab, you still need to keep up with recovery work. You still need to focus on preventing the use of drugs or alcohol again as well. There are some top signs that you might have a relapse. If you can recognize these sooner you will be less likely to slip back into addictive ways.

Being Overly Tired

Sometimes, when you are overly tired from not getting enough sleep, that may be a trigger for relapsing. When you are too tired, you can’t think in rational ways. You may be trying to convince yourself that one drink will help you sleep or taking sleeping pills will help you get back on track. In reality, these won’t help at all. If you notice you are overly tired, be sure you check in with meetings at drug rehab centers near me before you use.

Taking Everything On Your Own

There are some people who try to do everything on their own. They won’t let anyone help and they say no when people offer to help them. One of the things you may have learned about in drug rehab centers near me is that you need help. You can’t do things all on your own or you will become too overwhelmed and stressed. Don’t let yourself get to this point and if you do, recognize it and start asking for help.

Not Spending Enough Time with Other Recovering Addicts

While you may have people in your support network who aren’t recovering addicts, they don’t quite get what you are going through. Only those who are in recovery from their addiction get it truly. If you aren’t spending enough time with other recovering addicts, you increase your chances of relapsing. If you are starting to feel alone, make sure you call up someone else in recovery or start going to meetings.

Ignoring Cravings

Every recovering addict is going to have cravings every once in a while. It is a matter of how you handle them that helps you prevent a relapse. When going to drug rehab centers near me, you may have learned that you can’t ignore cravings. You must learn how to properly handle them. You can address them in a journal, talk with them at counseling or even go to meetings to discuss them. Sometimes you may have triggers because you just need to relax.

These are some of the top signs that you might have a relapse. If you can recognize these sooner rather than later, you may become better at being able to prevent relapsing.