Treating Insomnia in Early Recovery

Treating Insomnia in Early Recovery

There are many early recovering addicts who suffer from insomnia. This is one of the many symptoms recovering addicts may go through during the detox process. If you are suffering from insomnia, there are some ways to treat this naturally. You won’t need medications that would otherwise risk your sobriety. Learn more about how many addiction treatment centers near me choose to help recovering addicts overcome this sleep disorder.

Daily Walks or Exercise

The first tip for treating insomnia during your early recovery days is to go for daily walks or exercise every day. You should get outside and get yourself moving. The fresh air is going to do you well. If you don’t get much movement during the day, it is beneficial for your recovery to exercise every day in some way or another. Many addiction treatment centers near me have an exercise program incorporated into the recovery treatment plan.

Get Hydrated

It is also going to help you in your recovery to treat insomnia if you get hydrated. You should be having a lot of water every day. This is going to help your body to relax at night. If you are having any withdrawal symptoms still, getting hydrated is going to reduce the pain from these symptoms. Many addiction treatment centers near me will recommend a certain amount of water for you during your early recovery days.

Avoiding Caffeine

While it can be very tempting to drink caffeine to get through the early recovery days, you should avoid caffeine if you are experiencing insomnia. These stimulants are going to keep you awake instead of allowing you to get on a proper sleeping schedule.

Healthy Diet

You should also keep an eye on what you are eating during early recovery. If you pay closer attention to what you eat, you will notice junk food makes your body out of tune. You need to eat a lot of organic meat, whole grains, poultry, vegetables, fruits and fish. These foods are healthy for your body and will help to heal your body so you can get better sleep. When going to addiction treatment centers near me, you will be given these healthier foods.

These are some of the ways of treating insomnia during the early recovery days. If you still can’t seem to gain control over your sleeping, talk with a doctor or another medical professional about what you should be doing.