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Triggering Events That are Keeping You from Staying Sober

Triggering Events That Are Keeping You from Staying Sober

Now that you have worked through the best alcohol rehab centers programs, you have an option. Do you want to just let your life go back to what it was before treatment? That is the addictive lifestyle that was practically taking your life from you. That isn’t what you want. You worked hard in treatment and now you want to keep staying sober. If that is the truth, then learning more about some triggering events that could cause a relapse can help you to stay sober. Knowing about the things that could lead to relapse help you be prepared for the tough times.

Being Overly Confident

One of the main triggering events that could keep you from staying sober is being overly confident. After a while, many recovering addicts start getting a big ego about their recovery. They think, well I made it this long so I would be fine to stop working my recovery program. That is so far from the truth. The more over confident you become and the less you start working on your recovery, the closer a relapse gets. If you want to keep from relapsing, have confidence but don’t forget about working the recovery tips you learned in the best alcohol rehab centers.

Mental Illness Disorders

Some recovering addicts do have mental illness disorders. After going into the best alcohol rehab centers, you may have already gotten treatment for this. However, if this is something new to your life, a disorder that is just now showing up or getting worse, make sure you get the proper treatment. Ignoring mental health disorders while trying to stay sober is one of the biggest triggering events.

Happy Events

In your recovery, there may be many happy events going on. That is wonderful but you still need to be cautious. There may be weddings, anniversary parties, holidays and more where alcohol might be served. Some people may even be using drugs. Happy events can sometimes get out of control or even be stressful. This is one of the triggering events you may not think to worry about but you should be prepared.

These are some of the triggering events to keep an eye out for. They may not send you back into an addictive lifestyle but they could. If you want to keep staying sober, keep these in mind and be prepared for what could come up.