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What Type of Addiction Treatment Program is Right for You?

What Type of Addiction Treatment Program is Helpful for You?

There are many addiction treatment program options offered at the best alcohol rehab centers. Not every addict needs the same type of treatment. You may even need something different from someone that has the same severity of an addiction as you. Finding out what type of addiction treatment program will be helpful for you sometimes is trial and error. Sometimes you may even have the right program on your first go-around. Right here you can learn about some of the options available to you.

Holistic Inpatient

There are many addicts who benefit from a holistic inpatient addiction treatment program. This is an all-natural program where you stay for a minimum of 30 days. Some people need to stay for up to 9 months or even 12 months. When going to the holistic inpatient program, the plan for you will be customized. It will be determined based upon any underlying issues you may have that caused you to use drugs or alcohol or that resulted from you doing so. This type of program will help you get clean and sober. It may involve group, equine, art or even music therapy. There are many options to help you overcome the addiction. Call the best alcohol rehab centers to find one of these programs today!

Short-Term Treatment

There are also many addicts who benefit greatly from short-term treatment. This type of addiction treatment program is also customized to your needs as a recovering addict. However, it is under 30 days long and allows you to change your life drastically. You don’t need to quit your job, only take a leave of absence. You don’t need to leave your family or friends for a long time either. Many people who take on this type of treatment are doctors, teachers or others who need to keep their life going. Those who have already lost a lot may want a longer inpatient stay.

Long-Term Treatment

The best alcohol rehab centers also offer long-term treatment. This is similar to the holistic treatment mentioned above. However, not everything in this type of addiction treatment program is holistic. Some of the centers that offer this type of treatment use medication assisted detoxing. They may also offer medications during recovery treatment as well. Some people need this type of treatment

These are some of the addiction treatment program options. Try them out to see what works for you.