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How to Use Role Play to Help You Recover from an Addiction?

How to Use Role Play to Help You Recover from an Addiction?

Are you living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Are you ready to give that up and start recovering from the addiction? If so, it is time to make some changes and work a recovery program you can be successful in. When you get into drug rehab treatment centers, the program might consist of role play. This is often used for recovering addicts so they can act out possible situations and learn how to handle them in healthier ways. You might benefit from having this tool so you can recover from an addiction.

Identify a Situation

One of the first steps to using role play is to identify a situation. You can’t move forward if you don’t know what the situation is that is causing a problem. When the situation is identified, discussion can begin. This is often done during group therapy sessions. The discussion is open so everyone who wants to can add their input regarding the situation. If you are in drug rehab treatment centers and want to recover from an addiction, learn how to identify a situation in role play.

Adding in the Details

The next step in using role play to help you recover from an addiction is adding in the details. In this step, writing down the details is greatly beneficial. Make sure to include the when, where, how, why, what, who and any other details that may seem relevant. The more details the better. Just make sure they are factual so they help you get to the best outcome. If you are in drug rehab treatment centers, ask for help if you need it.

Assigning Proper Roles

When you are using role play it is best to assign the proper roles. Make sure the factual details are used in these roles. If you are going to drug rehab treatment centers, you can work with other recovering addicts in the group therapy sessions on these situations. You can change the role with one another so you can both understanding the different points of view. This can help you in that situation and any other similar situation that may come up.

These are some of the ways to use role play to help you recover from an addiction. Now that you know how to use this tool in your recovering lifestyle, you can make more progress on overcoming situations that had you stuck in the past.