Was it a Relapse or a Slip?

Was it a Relapse or a Slip?

There are many people who do great in their recovery but sometimes they pick up and use again. They may think they have to give up or start all over. If you have used again, you may be wondering what to do now. Was it a relapse or a slip? You can call a rehab drug treatment program to help you figure it all out. There is a difference between a relapse and a slip. Learn more about that to figure out what you need to do now.

What is the difference between a slip and a relapse?

There are many people who suffer from addictions. Those who are in recovery are making progress with overcoming their addiction. However, sometimes things get tough or they get off track and they use again. It could be a slip or a relapse. Sometimes recovering addicts have a big moment where they become weak and that is when they use again. They realize what has happened and they feel remorse about it. They even feel more dedicated to their sobriety when it happens. Generally, a slip is a one-time use. Relapsing is when multiple instances of use happen. It generally starts when a slip happens and then it spirals out of control. Sometimes you can get back on track from a slip without rehab drug treatment but with a relapse you should get help.

Is there a reduced risk for relapse if getting treatment after a relapse?

If you were relapsing, you will have a reduced risk for another one if you seek rehab drug treatment again. Statistics do back this up. When you start going to treatment again, you can re-learn the basics of recovery and sobriety. You can get the support you may have lost. During the treatment, you can learn new relapse prevention tips to help you get back on track.

Why did you have a relapse or a slip?

There are many reasons why you may have gotten off track. After you left the rehab drug treatment program, you may have forgotten to use the tips you learned. Some people think they have cured their addiction and they can use again safely.

Figuring out what happened is the first step. After you have done that, you will need to decide whether to go back into rehab drug treatment programs. There are benefits of going back for a refresher.