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Weak Boundaries Won’t Help You Stay Sober

Weak Boundaries Won’t Help You Stay Sober

If you want to stay sober, there are some tips that can keep you on the right path. Learning what type of boundaries to have in your recovery, after rehab drug treatment, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Having weak boundaries won’t help you to stay sober. You need to build up stronger boundaries that allow you to speak your mind and keep yourself in sobriety. There are some sample weak boundaries here. If you match up with them, change them as soon as you can.

Won’t Say No to Others

If you won’t say no to others, something has got to change. Continuing on with this will only lead to relapse, heartache and other issues as well. Saying no to others can be a big challenge as it is for many recovering addicts. After going to rehab drug treatment, remember you have your sobriety to lose and that isn’t something you want to risk. By saying yes too much to others, you are giving up too much of yourself. That won’t benefit your sober and recovering lifestyle. Start saying no to small stuff and then move up to the bigger stuff.  

Being Who Others Think You Should Be

Have you been living your life the person others think you should be? If so, you are definitely not alone. Many of the recovering addicts in rehab drug treatment have done this. You can break this cycle in your life. When you are in recovery and want to stay sober, you need to be whoever you want and need to be. Others don’t get to decide your life, you do. Stand up for what you believe in and become the person you want to be. Start by talking to others about one thing you enjoy the most and stick to it, no matter what.

No Power in Relationships

If you have no power in relationships, this puts your sobriety and recovery at risk. There are many people who live their life being walked over. Many of the recovering addicts in rehab drug treatment lived their life like this before going into treatment. The problem is you don’t get to be happy or enjoy the relationship if you don’t have any power. Start by standing up for yourself about one thing and see how that goes. Do that ten times in one week. If the other person is not willing to let you have any power, you may need some support from others in ending that relationship.

These are some of the weak boundaries you might have. If you keep them, it will be very tough to stay sober. Work on changing them today!